Can Solar Panels Hold Up in a Hurricane?

Florida is often devastated by thunderstorms, superstorms, and even hurricanes. It is not unknown that these harsh weather conditions can cause great damage to properties. Thus, it is understandable that considering the installation of a solar panel roof includes thinking about how the panels perform during these tough times. The answer to your question is here!

Note that there are many reasons why investing in a solar panel system for your home or business is worth it! Besides saving on your electricity bill, solar panels are extremely durable. Because they are meant to be outside the house, manufacturers have of course considered these natural elements that can affect their performance and lifespan. Moreover, after several experiences with past hurricanes, it has become a staple quality of solar panels to be very sturdy. And so, do not be afraid of solar panel installation that your investment will later be put to waste by these weather conditions.

Withstanding Strong Winds

High winds that accompany the bad weather are a concern next to flooding when it comes to how destructive hurricanes are. They’re not just strong and high but they also blow from different directions after the eye of the storm passes. Chances are you will worry about your rooftop panel. That is understandable because we have all seen these high winds uplift and carry roofs and other objects.

However, do not be scared when it comes to your solar panel roof. These systems are created to hold up in the uplift forces. Solar manufacturers and solar companies secure the panels to your rooftop with large lag bolts. As long as your roof was properly built and maintained before the installation of the solar panels, you won’t have to worry about the worst-case scenario. Hence, make sure to choose a solar company that inspects your roof well and makes the professional recommendation of fixing it first before installing your panels.

Continuous Quality and Durability Improvement

Before solar panels are advertised in the market, they have been properly tested to withstand the challenges that can affect their performance. There is a certification that ensures that the solar panels can withstand the average wind speeds. This way, you are sure that the solar panel installation companies only sell improved and technologically innovative products.

Until today, these manufacturers do their best to bring the most durable solar panels for homeowners and businesses. Given the changing climate, it is important to find the best solar panels for your needs.

Solar Panels Have Real-World Performance

Once you have your solar panel system installed on your property, you will realize that the solar panel cost is worth it. Solar panel companies ensure that solar panels have a real-world performance to help property owners enjoy their panels for a long time. This is very reasonable for the nature of solar panels as a source of sustainable energy. And so, once again, if you feel like your money’s worth will not return due to this fear of the consequences of harsh weather, then we hope we have changed your mind.

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