Choosing the Right Bathroom Basin

Bathroom basins (or sinks, as they are commonly known) are one of the cornerstones of any family bathroom or cloakroom suite. Selecting an ideal basin can really transform your space.

There is a range of basin shapes and finishes available to meet every interior design style, from classic ceramic to cutting-edge stainless steel.


Ceramic bathroom sinks are a popular choice due to their durability and affordability, as well as being easy to keep hygienic due to their smooth surfaces that do not absorb bacteria or germs.

They come in all styles and colors imaginable – from classic white to more contemporary gray hues; even black ceramic basins offer an eye-catching statement piece!

Comparable to other materials used for washbasins, porcelain is a hard material that’s resistant to scratches and stains; moreover, its durable nature enables it to withstand high temperatures without cracking under pressure. However, porcelain may splinter if struck by heavy objects that come crashing onto one of its edges.

Natural stone bathroom sinks are perfect for creating rustic or colonial-inspired looks, though less durable than other materials and may require more frequent cleaning in order to avoid stains. Also, take note that products containing acids could damage the stone surface.

Solid Surface

Solid surface basins offer many advantages over their counterparts in that they’re made from the same material, creating an invisibly seamless solution. Furthermore, these highly durable basins can also be customized according to your design specifications for maximum design flexibility.

Solid surface bathroom sinks are built to withstand stains, bacteria and moisture – perfect for busy family bathrooms! Unlike concrete which requires frequent resealing and special cleaners to maintain, solid surface sinks require no such extra steps for proper care and upkeep.

Solid surface is an affordable and practical choice compared to ceramic for any basin project, as it doesn’t crack easily and can be easily sanded down by professionals or DIY homeowners alike. This makes it an economical and straightforward option when searching for stylish yet practical basin solutions. Furthermore, its wide range of colours allows you to design the ideal design suited to your space; choose between sleek minimal lines or bold granite and marble aesthetics – solid surface offers something suitable for everyone – while its high water resistance means less chance of cracking or chipping cracking or chipping unlike porcelain which cracks easily and chips more often prone porcelain!


Stone bathroom basins add timeless appeal and natural beauty to your space, elevating it with elegance. Available in numerous styles and designs, these basins can fit seamlessly into any decor scheme or personal taste.

Contemporary stone basins often pair well with minimalist designs and sleek finishes, adding to the sleek aesthetic. Conversely, freestanding stone basins can bring an organic touch that complements rustic or natural themes.

Stone resin has become increasingly popular as a material for bathroom basins in modern homes, as it combines the aesthetic of natural stone with the durability and uniformity of synthetic materials. While not impervious to staining, this material stands up well to scratches caused by harsh cleaners or sharp objects and less porous than natural stone for reduced bacteria growth and water damage risk. Plus it’s simple soap-and-water cleaning!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel sinks are an ideal addition to modern bathrooms as they are durable, easy to maintain, stain- and rust-resistant, as well as available in an array of finishes to complement bathroom hardware and decor.

Compared to porcelain sinks, stainless steel ones can withstand more rugged tasks and come in various shapes and sizes to suit any environment. You are sure to find one perfect for you!

No matter if it is for home or hospitality projects, this ADA compliant wall-mounted vanity from Native Trails’ Trough 3619 bathroom sink will make an elegant presentation in any bath space. It boasts a sleek stainless steel frame that perfectly compliments its mottled concrete surface for visual interest, with its raised profile providing resilience against everyday tasks while sealed for easy maintenance and stain resistance.

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