Efficient Kitchen Organization Hacks for Small Spaces

Smart kitchen storage helps make the space you have look bigger. Try adding bins and dividers to drawers to increase organization or using door racks to store spices.

Small items, like utensils and spices, can quickly accumulate inside cabinets. Keep them easily accessible with this labeled woven rack from Think Chic Interiors for organization and easy access.

1. Install Lazy Susans

Throwing everything haphazardly into a storage cabinet won’t lead to an organized environment, and having to crawl on all fours to locate what you’re searching for can be quite tedious and time-consuming. Instead, opt for installing a lazy susan. It will make finding what you need easier!

Lazy Susan shelves provide the ideal solution for keeping cabinets and cupboards organized, as they rotate to eliminate random accumulations that gather over time. A Super Lazy Susan can store large cooking ingredients such as cans of beans and jars of pasta while the Half-Moon Lazy Susan can accommodate smaller kitchen gadgets. You can further organize items by using bins or baskets to prevent shifting during rotation.

Small kitchens often need clever storage solutions that keep cookware and utensils organized for ease of access. With such solutions in place, the space-saving ideas will make it seem twice as big on days that feel particularly constrained.

2. Install a Towel Rack

Use wall space to store towels is an efficient kitchen storage idea. Installing a simple rail in one corner can serve both as a place for hanging your hand towel as well as extra space to store other items like pots and pans or utensils.

Tension rods can help organize spray bottles and other supplies upright in cabinets and drawers. Furthermore, this kitchen organization hack can serve as a great place to hang paper towel rolls and rubber cleaning gloves that create clutter on countertops.

Your DIY kitchen organization hack: use inexpensive tension rods to make adjustable compartments. Stack these organizers in your cabinet to separate plastic food-storage lids from bases or stagger them by size for easier identification, or organize pantry items using bins in bright colors for greater visibility or label shelves for quick item identification. Adding wheels under cabinets gives even greater flexibility of storage!

3. Add Sliding Storage

Setting aside specific locations for each kitchen tool, piece of cookware and utensil can create a tidy workspace that’s easier to navigate. However, these tools often take up valuable counter and cabinet space in smaller kitchens.

As a starting point, it’s wise to go through each cabinet and drawer and remove items that you no longer use or duplicates of. Furthermore, consider installing risers in pantries or cabinets in order to increase organizational efforts; these pieces elevate cans, jars and containers so it is easier to see everything available and decide what needs to be kept or thrown out.

Bookshelves make excellent kitchen storage solutions, perfect for spices and cookbooks while freeing up space on countertops. A wall-mounted bookshelf can even serve as an easy way to organize plastic container lids from largest to smallest and easily find what lid you need when the time comes!

4. Store Under the Sink

Under your sink can be an inconvenient space to manage, especially depending on its size and shape. Antibacterial wipes, bleach and paper towels often become unruly while sponges and paper towels stack like Jenga or Buckaroo pieces. An easy way to organize these items quickly is with a storage caddy which clears away clutter from countertops while quickly helping find what you’re searching for at a glance.

One effective kitchen organization and storage hack is using a shower caddy that hangs inside of cabinet doors as another form of cabinet organization. Renter-friendly and space-efficient, this space-saving storage option can hold everything from rolls of garbage bags and shopping bags, paper towels and sponges – as well as detergent pods which you’ll easily be able to see when refilling is due!

Under your sink, a small message board can also serve as an excellent way to track how much of an item remains so you know when it’s time to buy more.

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