Genius DIY Storage Solutions

Keep your home organized not just through creating more storage, but by also tapping into any unused spaces creatively that could use some creative solutions – DIY storage solutions are one effective way of doing just that! Here are a few DIY storage ideas you could try at home that might just do just that.

Do you have a collection of inherited rolling pins, knotted wooden utensils or well-used cutting boards lying around that could serve as authentic kitchen decor pieces? Utilize them and transform them into authentic kitchen decorations!

Under the Counter Storage

As soon as your groceries arrive home it can be frustrating if there’s not enough storage for all your produce. If your kitchen offers additional cabinets or nooks consider creating hidden storage by covering one wire basket with fabric like this to add visual appeal while keeping produce organized – you could also use this technique to hide rolling pins, wooden utensils and cutting boards away!

Toy Baskets

Many of the most attractive toy storage solutions also double as playthings themselves. For instance, one family created a toybox that doubles as a city skyline backdrop for their chaotic car play and imaginative pretend play.

Shelving can be an excellent way of organizing toys, but accessing smaller toys such as puzzle pieces or Lego bricks without digging can be challenging for children. This DIY project utilizes plastic bins with shelving units as an accessible solution for accessing smaller toys.

An easy and quick way to clear toys off the floor is with hanging bags. Perfect for stuffed animals and easily removable from doors, these freestanding storage bags make quick work of clearing away toys before company arrives. Or try these hanging closet baskets – featuring clear hinged tops so kids can quickly grab any toys they wish.

Closet Organization

No matter how large or small your closet may be, it can quickly become overrun with clothes, shoes and accessories. But staying organized doesn’t have to be impossible or cost an arm and a leg!

Start by sorting your clothing into categories, like skirts, dresses and blouses; workout wear; pajamas; pajama tops etc. This will make finding exactly what you need easier while also keeping your closet neater.

Use clear storage boxes and bins for smaller items that can be difficult to organize, like hats, scarves, ties, jewelry and belts. Or consider an over-the-door shoe rack usually reserved for shoes to corral all those hard-to-fold items that clutter shelf space.

If you’re searching for creative DIY solutions, acrylic file folders could be just what’s needed to organize your handbag collection. These clever hacks and other clever closet organizing ideas will bring much-needed order into your wardrobe!

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