Kitchen Design Ideas For Small Spaces

If you have a small kitchen, consider a few budget-friendly kitchen design ideas to spruce up the room without spending a fortune. One simple way to brighten up a small room is to paint the walls a lighter shade. White paint spreads light and reflects it, so the space appears bigger. Interior decorator Emily Henderson suggests painting a wall of white. Adding a bright colour to the ceiling and a light-coloured backsplash will further enhance the space.

Modern kitchen design ideas fit well with both country homes and apartments. In fact, country houses and apartments often have a lot of free space for decorating. Modern designs also fit well in mansions and duplex buildings. Different cultures and traditions have different kitchen design ideas, so you can easily modify them to suit other styles. However, the following tips will help you get a better idea of which kitchen design ideas would fit best in your home. Consider these tips before you decide to renovate your kitchen.

Consider adding color to your kitchen. You can create a rustic country paradise with a farmhouse theme. This type of design adds character and uniqueness to the kitchen decor. One farmhouse-inspired kitchen design features a medium-sized U-shaped layout and marble countertops. Marble is heat-resistant and durable, so it makes a great choice for kitchens located near a fireplace. Marble countertops are also stain-resistant, so you can invest in a sealing product to protect them.

When designing a small kitchen, keep in mind your own preferences. Cooking is an art and requires inspiration. Consider adding open shelves to show off personal items like cutting boards and utensils. Alternatively, you can use built-in garages to keep countertops cleaner and sexier. Open shelving is a great solution for this problem, as it also makes the room look taller. If you have limited space, consider using muted colour schemes.

For larger kitchens, consider installing counter-depth refrigerators. These appliances can maximize cabinet space and create a continuous line along the wall. Counter-depth refrigerators also have a butcher-block top, allowing you to store less frequently used utensils and mugs in high cupboards. You can also consider adding a breakfast bar for extra workspace. And don’t forget to make sure that the lighting in your kitchen is smart.

A long, skinny kitchen can benefit from a kitchen island. Not only does a kitchen island add extra surface and storage space, but it also maintains the sociable atmosphere of the room. While choosing a kitchen island, make sure to include enough storage underneath and leave a slight overhang over the countertop to allow bar stools to fit comfortably. A bar stools can also add height to your counter top, so consider how you will place them.

The monolithic island in this light-filled room houses a flush electric stovetop, while a breakfast bar serves as a second workspace. If you want a more traditional look, Christopher Peacock’s kitchen pays homage to Victorian manors with a modernized version of a scullery kitchen. A wood-burning range cooker, modernized industrial counter stools, and latch pull and cup pull handles are all features of his design.