What are the Different Styles of Tile Roofs


For property owners who want their roof to last the longest, tile roofing is a popular choice. Some tile roofs last up to 100 years if they are installed correctly. Tile roofs can last a lifetime and are non-combustible which means they offer greater fire safety. They are also extremely weather-resistant and eco-friendly. This blog will cover many different styles, materials and designs of tile roofing.

Different types of roof tiles

You have the option of a tile roof, which is a different style than an asphalt roof. It can be paired with many contemporary home designs. First, choose the type of tile that you want to use for your roof. Each type has its advantages and colors. You will need to weigh the clay tiles before you install a tile roof. Also, make sure that your roof structure and roofing system can withstand the heavier material.


Clay roof tiles are very flexible in terms of color options and moldability. Traditional clay tiles roofs were red or orange in color. Today’s clay roof tiles are available in many colors and shapes. These tiles are very popular in modern homes that want to emulate the Spanish villa look. Clay tiles are affordable, durable, and easy to maintain. Clay tiles are more expensive than asphalt shingles but can last for a longer time. There are many styles available in clay tiles, including terracotta and mission styles, Spanish styles, French styles, and mission styles.


Concrete tiles roofs are cheaper than clay roofing, and have a similar lifespan. Concrete tiles are lighter than clay roofing tiles. This can make it easier to install and safer for your home. Concrete roof tiles are interlocking, which makes it easier and cheaper to install. Concrete roof tiles can be used in an industrial or ultra-modern design.


The solar roofing tiles are a new option for roof installations that many homeowners are now considering. Solar roof tiles look similar to asphalt tiles. Although they are more expensive, they offer the same weather protection and durability as asphalt roofs. These tiles can produce electricity for your home from the sun, just like traditional solar panels. Depending on the number of tiles installed, a solar roofing tile can produce between 13 and 63 watts.


Natural slate roof tiles are made from rock. These tiles are well-known for their durability, natural appearance, and long life expectancy. There are many color options for slate roof tiles. The mineral content will affect the color. Many clay and synthetic roof tiles are based on the appearance of slate. These tiles make a stunning, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly roof option. Due to the weight of slate roofs and their installation process, they can be costly. Slate roofing is made from stone and is therefore impervious to heat, weather, and extreme temperatures. A slate roof can last for up to 150 year.

Roof Tile Shapes

Spanish tiles

Spanish roof tiles are a type of “barrel roofing tile” with a wavy, “S”-shaped shape. These roof tiles are one of the most well-known tile roof designs.

Mission tiles

Sometimes called “true baril tiles”, mission roof tiles can be found on roofs that have separate barrels. These barrels are used to create alternating concave-convex shapes.

Flat tiles

Flat roof tiles may have interlocking edges. Shingle tiles do not interlock. These roofing systems allow you to be very creative.

Interlocking tiles

A channel is usually found on one or more sides of interlocking roof tiles. To create strong connections, this channel is interlocked with a lip that is formed into tiles above and below it. Interlocking roof tiles reduce installation time and provide beautiful lines for buildings.

French tiles

French roof tiles, also known as Marseille tiles, are low-profile and strong interlocking designs. The roof tile design features two flutes at the tile’s surface.

Scalloped tiles

With their curved bottom edges, scalloped roof tiles can give off a unique look. They give the roof a fish-scale appearance when installed.

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