Creating a Cozy and Inviting Guest Bedroom

Your guests will appreciate your consideration of their comfort when hosting them, so make sure you provide soft throws and blankets, plus some fragrant candles to create an ideal environment.

Seating areas are essential when your guests want to relax; whether that means providing them with a bed bench, ottoman, or small sofa.

Comfortable linens

Provide your guests with fresh and clean bedding as one way of guaranteeing an incredible night’s rest. Choose linen sheets for their luxurious feel, thick blankets to keep them cozy, firm, medium, soft pillows to suit their preferences and sleep positions, as well as decorative lumbar pillows like this gorgeous blue and white patterned one for an added decorative element on the bed.

Provide your guests with drawer linens to provide extra comfort and a place to store their clothes while staying there. A few additional touches, like providing wastebasket, carafe with glass and water carafes, pretty trays, Kleenex boxes or wastebaskets will turn any room into the ultimate comfortable and welcoming space – giving your guests every reason to stay for as long as possible – and make you love having guests over!

Extra blankets and pillows

At times, guests visiting your home may become cold or overheated during their stay. Offering them extra blankets and pillows in your closet can help; adding throw blankets onto their bed is another effective way of making guests more at ease; additionally, placing an ottoman at the foot of their bed containing pillows and blankets makes a nice finishing touch.

Design Pro Tip: Add various types of pillows on the bed — soft, medium, and firm — so your guests can select their ideal type for sleeping. Doing this also gives you a great opportunity to incorporate fun patterns or colors as design elements within the room.

Your guests will appreciate seeing a wastebasket, tissues and pen/notebooks during their stay to show you care about their comfort. Putting these items on an attractive tray makes the space feel even more like a hotel!

Floating shelves and hooks

Spending on attractive floating shelves is an ideal way to give guests somewhere to leave items like tote bags and coats without cluttering up bedside tables or the floor. Attaching hooks onto walls also makes this task simpler; guests can hang towels and jackets conveniently!

Doting your guest bedroom table with small treats can help make visitors feel welcomed and at home. Offering chocolates or sweet snacks is an easy and thoughtful gesture that shows visitors you care.

Accessing a bathroom quickly is essential if your guest room does not boast its own private en suite. A pull-out daybed makes an excellent solution as it provides cozy seating during the daytime before converting quickly into a queen-sized bed at night.


Your spare room should be an inviting environment for guests to unwind in, so lighting should be an essential consideration. Sconces on either side of the bed provide soft illumination for relaxation; alternatively a floor to ceiling full length mirror offers great options for dressing each morning!

Addition of a chair can add another element of comfort for your guests in their guest bedroom, as it allows them to read, take their shoes off or simply sit back and relax.

Other details to help make your guests feel at home include providing them with a wastebasket, tissue box, ear plugs, and stacks of books (or an excellent read on Kindle) on floating shelves or credenza. These small gestures speak volumes about your care for their comfort! They will create the ultimate home away from home experience!

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