Organic Home: Embracing Natural Materials in Your Interior

Take inspiration from nature with organic home furnishings and accents that add an organic yet polished aesthetic. Woven baskets, wooden accents and unique architectural pieces give homes earthy character instantly.

Organic modern is the ideal compromise between modern furniture’s sleek lines and organic materials.


Wood is one of the cornerstones of modern organic design, as it can easily fit into various projects and is easy to care for. Wood can be integrated into large elements like doors or flooring or as smaller accent pieces such as woven rattan cabinets and jute rugs; creating harmony among other natural elements in your space.

Neutral hues like browns, whites and cool blues create an ideal canvas on which to layer eye-catching natural textures. Experiment with curves and clean lines that emulate nature for an organic aesthetic.


Stone, like wood, adds texture and warmth to a home. No two pieces of marble or granite are alike, with distinct veining, flecks and imperfections offering individual appeal for every stone crafted by Mother Nature.

Add an organic touch to any room with stone accent walls, stone backsplashes or basalt cladding tiles as part of your design scheme. A stone bench or rocking chair are also popular choices for creating modern seating areas in organic styles.

Woven rugs and furniture are another great way to bring texture into an organic modern space. Jute and rattan furniture options work particularly well, while handwoven rugs such as this Gracie Oaks tribal handwoven rug add rustic yet refined charm.


Natural materials that are both eco-friendly and visually appealing have become an increasingly popular design trend. Woven baskets, rocking chairs and wooden furniture are just some options you can use to create an organic home interior design aesthetic.

Metal has quickly become a must in modern homes. Metallic tones make an excellent accent when decorating with organic designs and can be found in picture frames, wall panels and candleholders – you could also include hand-painted metallic elements in fabrics or art works.

Woven textures can add an earthy vibe to your home through jute rugs, rattan furniture and other woven accents. Woven materials add high texture elements that give your interiors an earthy vibe.


Organic design relies heavily on woven textures as an integral element. These elements come in many forms, such as baskets, rattan furniture and tweed fabrics – providing a focal point that adds dimension and style to any room.

Wood-inspired textures should also be integrated into the decor, such as wooden canisters, tables, and kitchen accessories that accentuate natural lighting in various parts of your home throughout the day. These pieces create an authentic country aesthetic in an otherwise modern space.


Leather has an elegant appearance that complements almost every interior design style, while being durable and ageing gracefully with time. Plus, it gains character as you age beautifully!

Woven textures add an organic element to modern home design. Baskets, jute rugs, rattan furniture and woven accent pieces are all popular choices when creating organic modern home design schemes.

If you prefer organic designs, greenery could add an organic touch. This eco-friendly trend allows nature into your living space while decreasing toxic chemical emissions.

Natural Light

Organic modern can take inspiration from midcentury design while using soft textiles and colors that reflect nature. Look for furniture pieces with curvier shapes instead of clean lines as well as texturised linen throw blankets and bed sheets for your chosen design aesthetic.

Add raw natural materials into your home through woven baskets, macrame wall hangings and handcrafted sculptures made of raw natural materials such as macrame wall hangings. A collection of such accessories can help create a relaxed but not too casual aesthetic in your organic modern space. Consider neutral tones like whites, grays and tans as the foundation of this space; earth tones like green and blue accents may also bring out its natural elements further.

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