DIY Outdoor Projects – Building a Garden Shed, Patio Or Fire Pit

Get the most out of your outdoor living spaces with these fun DIY projects. Some are quick fixes, others will take a weekend to complete but all of them will make your backyard look great!

Give garden beds a facelift with a layer of mulch. A fresh layer of mulch is cheap, easy and will instantly transform your landscape.

Build a Garden Shed Patio or Fire Pit

A backyard fire pit is a warm, inviting addition to any outdoor space. Gathering around a fire pit is the perfect way to spend time with friends, whether you’re roasting marshmallows or making s’mores.

A pergola is a beautiful backyard structure that will define your outdoor dining space. It’s an easy DIY project you can complete over a weekend.

Installing a water feature in your backyard is one of the best DIY projects you can do. If a pond isn’t in your budget, try building a pond in a box. It’s a fun, low-cost backyard upgrade that will provide you with hours of entertainment. This is also a great DIY garden project for kids. It will keep them busy and it’s a beautiful way to see the fruits of their labor.

Build a Bar Cart

Create a backyard she shed using doors that you have on hand or find at the thrift store. You can turn the shed into a cozy reading nook, backyard office or an all-out she-cave!

Accent your yard with a beautiful DIY water feature. Streams and waterfalls are perfect for calming the mind, especially in a garden setting. You can build your own backyard pond by lining it with fieldstone, or channel runoff from your gutters into a planter or garden bed.

Upgrade basic outdoor pillows with a few easy embellishments or paint a pattern on them. You can also make a wind chime from empty wine bottles. You can even repurpose old tires into an outdoor couch! The options are endless with these fun DIY projects.

Build a Child’s Swing

Create a fun spot for kids to relax and play with this easy DIY swing set. This project requires very few materials and can be completed in a weekend.

Laying a new garden path can make your backyard look neater and more professional. You can choose from mulch, gravel, stone or brick to make your own textured walkway.

Turn a few empty terra-cotta pots into wind chimes for your outdoor space with this simple DIY project. It takes less than 30 minutes to complete and it can add a pop of color to your patio or back yard.

Build a Wood Cover for Your Fire Pit

A cover for your fire pit will protect it from rain and debris while making it look more decorative. This DIY project can be made of wood, metal or a tarp and is usually easy to do.

To make your shed blend in with your landscaping, try using timbers or landscape contours to give it a more natural look. You can also add plants, colored pebbles and more to your landscape around your shed for a more attractive design.

Another way to make your shed look better is to build a walkway leading to it. This is a simple but effective way to improve the appearance of your backyard and keep you from tripping over floppy plants while walking to and from your shed.

Build a Shed

A shed is a versatile outdoor DIY project that can be used to store a variety of items. It is a great spot to stash garden tools or even to plant and repot seedlings. Cindy Gardner of the blog French Gray built this gorgeous shed to resemble an old-fashioned potting house. She added multiple paned windows to allow natural light in.

Before you start building, determine the size of your shed. Also, plan out door and window locations. Depending on your site, you might want doors in one end wall and a window on the front.

Before you cover your floor frame with plywood, make sure that the joists are positioned properly. This is important for strength. It’s also helpful to mark the joists with pencil every 11 inches so that you can ensure that the plywood sheets will line up.

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