Vintage and Retro Home Decor Inspiration

Vintage and retro home decor add a sense of history to any space, while mixing flea market finds, salvaged furniture and antiques with contemporary designs for an authentic yet eclectic look.

Retro style requires curvier shapes and natural materials, so incorporate macrame into your design scheme via plant holders or wall hangings featuring this technique.

Mix and Match Furniture

Mixed vintage furniture with contemporary pieces can help create an eye-catching, eclectic aesthetic. If you prefer antique stores, flea markets, or Facebook Marketplace as sources, there are numerous affordable pieces to be found there. Plus, DIY your own repurposed pieces by sewing up old grain sacks into pillow covers or framing vintage blankets as wall art!

If you’re having difficulty with coordinating different furniture styles in one space, create a theme throughout. That way, the overall design will appear less chaotic; plus this concept is simple to implement with the proper accessories.

Hanging artwork and books that reflect an era will immediately add character to any space, while lighting fixtures set the atmosphere for your room. Furthermore, decorative trays and vases make great complements for the style of an era; macrame plant holders look especially good with rattan chairs!

Layer in Accessories

Add vintage decor pieces like antique vases or candlesticks for an authentic and fun vibe in your space. A clock or wall art from another time period also works great; whether found at a flea market, your parents’ or grandparents’ house or even passed down from loved ones, make sure it stands out so guests have something interesting to talk about! Showing it off can lead to exciting conversations among your guests!

Retro-inspired homes can benefit from using rounded furniture, natural colors and materials like jute and woven materials to accentuate its atmosphere. Lavender and sage green are two retro colors making a comeback into modern styles; both hues are known for their soothing effects which will bring subtlety into your home’s environment.

Integrating these elements into your vintage and retro home decor will add a nostalgic charm that won’t come across with modern decor. Just be mindful to maintain balance by dispersing various designs and textures throughout your space to avoid chaos!

Incorporate Texture

Texture is key when working with vintage and retro styles, adding warmth and depth. Rough timbers and weathered textural wall finishes add vintage appeal, as do furniture pieces that incorporate natural elements that contribute to this timeless style.

Macrame wall hangings can easily add warmth and handmade beauty to a room, as this handicraft has quickly gained in popularity over recent years. DIYers or premade decor items may create these works of art themselves.

Subtle touches like adding art or prints from the same era can help bring in vintage flair to any room, with bold colors or geometric forms reflecting vintage sensibility while adding modern and stylish elements such as framed record players to add analog charm in living rooms or bedrooms.

Bring the Past Home

Introduce vintage decor into modern living through creative use of antique and thrift store finds. For instance, old grain sacks and tea towels make great pillowcases; vintage quilts make excellent wall art when framed as wall hangings; old lamps and vases can be displayed on tables and desks while vintage books provide interest for reading nooks.

Recreate a retro atmosphere in any room by employing bright colors and floral patterns. Floral rugs, curtains and accent chairs add color to living rooms and kitchens, while quilts, pillows and drapery panels feature great patterns that add retro charm.

When decorating with vintage pieces, remember to purchase those you enjoy rather than those considered more valuable. Keep your home clutter-free so as to highlight their unique charm. Extra Space Storage has convenient facilities nationwide where they offer extra storage solutions – give us a call and reserve one now!

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