How to Incorporate Texture Into Your Home Decor

Texture is an excellent way to add visual interest and dimension to any room. It also helps bind the space together, making it cozier and cozier.

Texture can be used in many ways to achieve an eye-catching aesthetic, from furniture and fabrics to accessories and more. But mastering texture correctly can be challenging!


Texture adds a warm, inviting vibe to any space. Texture can take shape in furniture, accessories, and architectural elements like beams or window frames.

One of the simplest ways to add texture to your home decor is through fabrics. For instance, draping a thick cotton throw blanket across the back of a sofa is an effective way to bring life and warmth to a neutral living room.

Another way to incorporate texture into your design is by incorporating natural materials. Rattan, wicker and other types of wood offer a stunning furniture aesthetic that works well with contemporary, modern or transitional styles.

Lance Thomas, principal at Louisiana-based Thomas Guy Interiors, states that texture “is about creating moments that invite touch both in person within the space and through photographs.” Adding subtle variations of texture can add visual interest as well as bringing an inviting sense of comfort into your home.”


Texturing your home decor is one of the best ways to bring depth, dimension, and a cozy vibe to any room. From new furniture pieces to simple rugs, textures can make a huge impact on how the room looks and feels.

Texture has the advantage of being versatile; it can be combined with virtually any style and color scheme. For instance, velvet sofas paired with cozy throw blankets create a cozier atmosphere in any neutral space.

Texture can also be added to your accessories and other home decor pieces. For instance, a vase filled with marbles or wooden stones, or a mirror featuring a gilded frame, will add visual interest to any room.

Texture is also an effective way to add visual interest and dimension to your outfit. From soft flowing tops paired with chunky necklaces or sleek accessories, contrasting textures can elevate the aesthetic and make you appear more refined.


Texturing your home decor can give a room an inviting, vibrant vibe. There are various ways to incorporate different textures into your space, such as fabrics, rugs, wall art and furniture pieces.

Texture can be an excellent way to add visual interest and visual depth to your space, but it’s essential that you select the pieces that best suit your needs. For instance, if your living room already features leather sofas, then placing a textured rug next to them won’t look right.

Add texture to your home by installing molding on walls. These can include wainscoting, shiplap, chair rail, picture rail or plate rail; each style offers its own distinct aesthetic that helps create a harmonious texture throughout your property.


Your floors are an ideal opportunity to add texture and visual interest to your home decor. Wooden floors, stone or even wall-to-wall carpeting can all be utilized in this manner.

For a more organic aesthetic, jute or sisal rugs are great options for adding texture to the floor. Not only do they add an inviting element underfoot, but they can also make your home appear cozier.

Another way to add texture and depth to your floors is hand-scraping. This technique involves scraping away at the soft outer layer of a plank in order to reveal its harder woodgrain underneath.

This type of flooring is especially popular in rustic and country style areas. It also masks dents and scratches more effectively, making it a great option for homes with pets or children.

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