The Best Colors For Kitchen Walls

Walls play an essential part in your kitchen’s design, so take time and care in selecting your colors carefully. For maximum impact, select timeless hues that won’t date quickly.

Sherwin-Williams Pure White offers a bright, neutral background that complements most color schemes without clashing, while warmer options like Perfect Greige offer warmer shades of beige.

Delicate White

White paint creates an elegant backdrop for a crisp and modern kitchen environment, and was recently named Color of the Year by Pantone. Pair this calming hue with neutral textures such as stone, wood or glass shelving units for more of a contemporary feel.

Pale yellow hues like Sherwin-Williams’ Creamy can make any kitchen seem bigger and lighter, providing a stimulating environment to encourage cooking for children in families with multiple people in one house. They may also serve as an effective means of stimulating cooking spaces with visual clutter.

Shades of gray are also widely popular in kitchens, particularly lighter hues like Sherwin-Williams’ White Dove – a classic white without an undertone – offering a clean aesthetic for walls, trim and ceilings. Meanwhile darker tones like Guilford Green HC-116 add an elegant accent when used on cabinets or below cabinets.

Hale Navy

Navy blue is a timeless color choice that never goes out of fashion. It pairs well with both warm and cool tones, especially when contrasted against white accents like front doors or window shutters.

Sherwin-Williams Naval is often mentioned as an equivalent shade to Hale Navy; however, it differs significantly in terms of tone. Naval has darker and greener undertones while boasting lower Light Refractive Value values than Hale Navy for darker appearance.

Hale Navy pairs well with nearly every neutral hue, from warm and creamy Swiss Coffee to the crisp white hues of White Dove or Revere Pewter or Gray Owl. In addition, this blue also goes well with copper tones, light or dark natural wood hues and spring green hues.

Stunning Sapphire

Though colorful kitchens are increasingly trendy, neutral hues remain popular with designers. Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee (OC-45) remains one of the go-to colors for interior designers; its bright yet sophisticated white tone adds sophistication to cabinets and walls alike while drawing the eye towards natural lighting in spaces receiving ample sun.

Subdued blue shades such as Stunning Sapphire are also great kitchen wall colors to consider, with eggshell finishes being suitable for medium-to-large spaces and satin finishing ideal for smaller ones. Subtle hues serve as the ideal blank canvas for creating eye-catching accents like bold prints.

Yellow can bring joy and energy, especially in bright hues like Sherwin-Williams’ “Flirtatious”. In rooms that receive lots of natural light, yellow makes the room seem lighter and bigger.

Calabash Clash

When it comes to selecting paint colors for specific rooms, the choices seem endless. Yet some hues stand out more than others: kitchens often benefit from having white, gray, yellow, red and green as accent colors.

Neutral tones such as white and gray create an air of tranquillity in busy kitchens, making these colors particularly effective choices. Classic hues like Sherwin-Williams Pure White (SW 7005) and creamy Sherwin-Williams Calabash Clash (PPG 1135-6) work beautifully.

Yellow is another kitchen-friendly hue thought to promote appetite. Warmer hues such as the Sherwin-Williams Flirtatious Yellow (SW 7627) hue are welcoming, pairing perfectly with light green or white cabinets.

Orion Gray

Gray may seem cold, but with the right shade it can look warm in a kitchen. Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore is an incredibly versatile light neutral color that pairs well with many colors – use an eggshell finish in medium-to-large spaces or satin for smaller ones for even more options.

White paint can help brighten a kitchen while concealing dirt – an ideal combination for busy households. However, for an added bit of warmth try incorporating warmer hues such as Hidden Sapphire or Arctic Seal into your walls design scheme.

Kitchens are often considered the heart of any home, and vibrant hues like yellow and inviting blue create an environment ideal for socializing. Designer Jolie Sikes of Junk Gypsies selected a buttery yellow shade that was the perfect complement to natural wood accents in her breakfast nook.

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